James Moore (b. 1986, Atlanta , GA)  earned his  BFA from Pratt Institute in 2009, and was an artist in resident at the Artha Project in Long Island City in 2015-2016.  Notable exhibitions include his participation in curated show SPRING / BREAK Art Show in NYC in both  2016 and 2019, and Satellite Art Show at Miami Art Basel in 2016.  His practice centers on the connective threads between humanity, technology and spirituality,  rupturing traditional narratives of post-apocalyptic and cyber - utopic fantasies. His installation work spans a multitude of mediums and practices, ranging from large scale murals, to futuristic sculpture castings , tattooing, painting, art directing, and techno event design, the crossing of fine art , brand collaborations, and hyper engagement with underground art culture, all seamlessly informing each other in a feedback loop.  Moore’s work has appeared in the form of public installations at Industry City, the design hub A/D/O , and in private studio’s and stores primarily in New York City. His sculptures, often made with endurance molds have been featured in collaborations with iconic artists , inspired by their cultural and creative force and power:  musician /performer Arca , Jazzelle Zannaughti with photographer Nick Knight’s SHOWStudio, and Richie Shazam. Moore recently collaborated with fashion company BOND Hardware creating hybrid resin and concrete casted appendages, with ghost like traces of weapon-like and industrial rings and jewelry, and will soon be doing an immersive redesign of Toronto based company Vitaly’s flagship store.